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Bio-resonance Explained…
This treatment modality works with the body’s natural ability to re-balance itself, and failure to do so effectively results in the expression of disease by the body. Based on the principles of Homoeopathy and Acupuncture, Bio-resonance is a method of assessing and treating an individual using the individuals’ own information in the form of unique ‘ultra fine electromagnetic oscillations.’

What Can Bio-resonance Treat?
Bio-resonance can in principle treat all kinds of disease provided there has been no irreversible tissue damage. Acute affections often only require one treatment session to successfully initiate the body's own healing process, in addition, there are no side effects to this method of treating.

Usually during the first stage of treatment the whole body is harmonised, and in treatments thereafter the affected regions of the body are addressed. Your assessment and progress may be measured and monitored, through the measuring of 40 acupuncture points.

This mode of therapy is especially effective in smoking cessation. Treatment helps the body eliminate the nicotine and other additives contained within the cigarettes so that the cravings are drastically minimized. For many people one session is all it takes to stop smoking!  There is a 70-90% success rate when using bio-resonance to quit smoking, the treatment was undertaken by a journalist and broadcast on television with tremendous results, the brief documentary can be seen here on

Using bio-resonance you can test for and pin-point which items you possess sensitivities to, including food substances, chemicals, metals etc. In addition to finding them, you can also undergo treatment in order to reduce your sensitivity to them.

PLEASE NOTE:  Bio-resonance is not electrotherapy, just as it is not radiation therapy of any kind! It is a scientifically researched and proven method of treating disease.