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History of Homoeopathy
Homoeopathy was discovered by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in 1796 and has been used extensively ever since. For over 200 years people in the UK have been turning to this scientific natural method of healing to treat various and numerous conditions. There is however evidence of earlier use of some of the basic principles of Homoeopathy that dates back all the way to Ancient Greece.


Homoeopathy Explained…
The human body heals itself and has done for thousands of years, but sometimes our healing systems are overwhelmed and need help. Homoeopathy (or Homeopathy) can give your body the energy it needs to start the healing process, and help restore you to health.

Homoeopathy is a powerful, natural and effective system of healing. There are no side effects, it is gentle and therefore ideal for treating everyone, young and old, man, woman and child. 

Being a complementary therapy, Homoeopathy can be used safely along side conventional medicine. It is also holistic, treating the whole person; meaning the remedy prescribed would be chosen to fit all the characteristics of the individual, both the physical symptoms as well as the mental & emotional state.

                                 ‘Making your homoeopathic treatment as individual as you are’

What is Disease?
In basic terms disease is a lack of ease which is expressed by the body through signs and symptoms. In treating chronic disease the Homoeopath would not prescribe on a single symptom, but as mentioned above would treat the whole person. In this way the symptoms the body is suffering are also taken into account along with the mental emotional state of the person; this proves a more effective method of treatment and assists in finding that unique remedy which fits  you as an individual, making the therapy more successful.

Homios’ ‘Pathos’
The Greek language gives a wonderful insight into one of the basic principles of Homoeopathy. ‘Homios’ ‘pathos’, or ‘similar’ ‘suffering’ translates to the basic Homoeopathic principle of ‘like cures like.’ To explain, the homoeopathic remedy when given to a healthy person, would produce the symptoms the medicine is prescribed for.

For the prescription to be as effective as possible, the remedy has to match the individual on all levels (mental, emotional and physical) but also with a relevance to their medical history, life history, life-style, personality and much more. This involves spending time with the patient to ascertain all the relevant information, and the patient often answering questions, which although at times may seem irrelevant, are useful in the selection of the remedy.

Are the Remedies Safe?
The three kingdoms of Animal, Vegetable and Mineral provide the abundance of Homoeopathic remedies we see today. The substance used to create the remedy goes through a specialised refining process to reach the desired Homoeopathic Potency (6c, 12c etc). This process called ‘Potentisation’ is a system of dilutions and succussions (shaking vigorously with impact); using this process even toxic substances become safe healing instruments.

What Can Homoeopathy Treat?

What can't it treat!