Treatment prices...


1st Consultation: Adult

£65.00 (inc. remedy) or £90.00 (inc. Bio-resonance analysis, not inc. remedy)

Child £50.00 (inc. remedy)
Consultations Thereafter: Adult £35.00 (inc. remedy)
Child £30.00 (inc. remedy)
15 minute sessions to answer any questions No Charge










Bio-resonance Therapy

1st Consultation: £120.00 (not inc. remedy)
Consultations Thereafter:
£40.00 (not inc. remedy)
Smoking Cessation Therapy:
£150.00 (inclusive of a second session if required)


Therapeutic Massage

Full Body Massage (1hr 30)
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 mins)
Leg & Lumbar Massage (for treatment of sciatica, 20 mins)